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Morris Wood Tool is pleased to present the following information to assist you in determining the proper bit point to use in a given situation.



The Brad Point is the preferred point for most machine boring operations in wood and some plastics.  The center point holds and centers the bit while the outside lops or spurs score the wood in advance of the main cutting edges.  This produces a smooth hole in most woods.  It is the best point to use for both cross grain boring and for dowels. When through hole boring it will cause some slight split out on the back side unless a backing board is used.




Morris Wood's Drill Point wood boring drills have a 90-degree angle and are mainly used in cross grain drilling.  They are also excellent for end grain boring and some hole applications.








Hold your drill up to the above illustration and notice which drill has the flutes pointing the same way as yours.

Most standard drill presses and boring machines rotate Right Hand.  Some machines with multiple spindles will have both Right Hand and Left Hand spindles. If all spindles on a machine rotate the same direction, you can be 99% certain that all are rotating Right Hand.

Drills will not be made with threads the opposite rotation from the flute.




The End Grain point is used when a Brad Point drill is desired for boring end grain.  The reason that many Brad Point drills tend to run out and burn in end grain is that the lips are trying to follow the grain. Our End Grain point does not have lips and the clearance angle of the main cutting edges is changed slightly.  This point bores straight and clean in most woods.



The V or Fishtail point is used for boring on an angle in the wood.  It will not walk or travel on the surface of the wood, as a taper point drill tends to do.






The Thru-Hole point is a sharp 60 degree point which is used when going all the way through the wood without any splitting on the back side.




HARDESTY HEAD Sometimes when boring stacked or laminated material a button will form on the end of a standard brad point, which prevents further drilling. The Hardesty Head is a multi angle Brad Point that allows the drill to break up and remove the material before it can form a button.

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